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Socialism has no rock and roll.

B Side#

When the ancient Chinese were controlling the floods during the time of Yu the Great, the British were still in the Neolithic Age; when the ancient Chinese were reclaiming land like Jingwei, the British were just establishing tribes; when the ancient Chinese were moving mountains like Yugong, the British were still practicing Druidism. When the ancient Chinese stepped into the superior socialist society, the British were playing rock music and shouting about rebellion and freedom.

Ha, how would those ignorant barbarians understand our collective consciousness and sense of the greater good?

Last Saturday, I went to see Suede's concert. I bought a 1280 RMB ticket for the inner field and luckily sat in the seventh row, closer to the stage than a livehouse. I felt so proud and delighted, thinking that capitalism is indeed awesome.


The show started promptly at 7:30 pm. The lead singer greeted everyone with "Let's have a good time!" and the comrades in the inner field instantly betrayed the revolution and turned it into a disco. Suede saw how enthusiastic you all were, so of course, they sang even more passionately. People were dancing and the sports arena was filled with a joyful atmosphere.

However, this behavior was not acceptable. The security guards quickly intervened, pushing the crowd and, amidst the booming bass, shouted for everyone to sit down. Obviously, no one listened. The security guards became angry and went on stage, interrupting the performance and taking away the lead singer's microphone, demanding that everyone return to their seats or the show would be stopped.

Sit and listen to rock music? Openly interrupt the performance? Suede has been in the industry for over thirty years, so they probably had to say "long time no see".

So what? This is:

Of course, socialism has no rock music.

When the British signed the Magna Carta, we were farming; when the British had the Glorious Revolution, we were farming; when the British had the Industrial Revolution, we were farming; when the British had their empire where the sun never sets, we were farming.

What do they understand? My great Qing Dynasty has its own national conditions. If we don't farm, how can we feed such a large population? My Heavenly Kingdom has a large population. If we don't have centralized power, how can we mobilize so many resources? If everyone rebels and seeks independence, how can my Heavenly Kingdom effectively govern?

History has also proven that great nomadic tribes come and go, but when they come to East Asia, they must willingly assimilate into Han culture; only the stagnant agricultural civilizations continue to thrive.

Don't believe me? Just ask Doctor Strange. In parallel universes, the barbarians have played themselves to death countless times.


Towards the end of the performance, the comrades in the inner field still stood up.

Everyone was orderly and fully engaged. The security guards were probably tired and had successfully completed their mission, so they didn't bother us anymore.

It reminded me of Zhang Xuan's monologue in "While My Guitar Gently Weeps": It's okay, it's just music.

A Side#


We would like to express our highest respect to the security team at the Xujiahui Sports Center.

They have always been diligent in their duties, upholding a highly responsible attitude towards safety and order, ensuring the smooth progress of every performance. It is because of their hard work and selfless dedication that they are willing to temporarily interrupt the show in order to maintain order and safety at the venue, allowing each and every one of us to enjoy a wonderful performance in a safe and orderly environment. This not only reflects the effectiveness of grassroots governance in Shanghai but also demonstrates our high regard for public safety and social responsibility.

Let us all thank these unsung heroes who guard our moments of joy!

2024/06/04 @Shanghai

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